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The American Dental Association estimates that nearly half of the people age 30 and older have some form of periodontal disease affecting their gum tissues. The Centers for Disease Control also report that 64 percent of people 65 and over have been diagnosed with moderate-to-severe periodontal disease.

Hardened tartar forming at the gumline is the leading cause of gum disease. The constant bacterial presence leads to the inflammation and infection of the gum tissues, which is known as gingivitis. Common symptoms often include red or inflamed gums. This usually includes increased bleeding during regular brushing and flossing. Many people experiencing gingivitis symptoms also complain of issues with chronic bad breath.

Without timely treatment, gingivitis can develop into a more dangerous form of periodontal disease known as periodontitis. This degree of infection causes the gums to start to slowly recede from the base of your teeth, forming small pockets of bacterial infection near the roots of your teeth. In time, this can also result in a loss of bone structure, which on its own can result in the loss of an otherwise healthy tooth.  

At the same time, continuing research has also found that the systemic inflammation of periodontal disease can also have an impact on other medical conditions. This can increase complications from diabetes, heart disease and stroke. While periodontal disease doesn’t cause these issues, it does seem to limit treatment options and lead to further complications.

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