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As a staple of oral health care habits, flossing your teeth is often lost in the myriad of treatment options to keep our teeth and gums healthy and clean. Flossing oftentimes takes a backseat to brushing but it is still important to floss daily to remove any food particles that brushing alone cannot. Without flossing, bacteria and plaque can still thrive in areas of your mouth which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Here are some helpful reminders about dental floss:

– Always use an approved interdental cleaner such as dental floss or an approved tool recommended by your dentist.
– Look for products that have the American Dental Association ADA Seal of Acceptance.
– Always practice safe and effective flossing habits to prevent damage to your gums and teeth.
– Be sure to visit our dentists at MajorSmiles in Bryan, Texas, at least twice a year for oral exams and professional cleanings.
– Remember to floss between each tooth including flossing behind the backs of your last teeth in each row.
– Use a floss that does not easily fray or tear during use.
– Never use the same strand of floss more than once.

It’s important to maintain safe and effective flossing habits. If you would like to schedule an oral exam or professional cleaning with Dr. Chuck Majors, please contact our office at 979-776-6600 to speak with a member of our outstanding team. Your perfect smile awaits!