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It’s a problem you may not even know you have, and one that people may not want to talk to you about: bad breath. Many of us may have been aware that our breath was a little pungent after having garlic, onions or some other food, and that is a problem that can be solved by brushing our teeth or through the use of mouthwash. But there are other causes of bad breath besides what we may have had for lunch.

Bad breath can be caused by bacteria in your mouth. All of us have bacteria on teeth and on our tongue, it’s just a fact of life. That bacteria uses the food particles in your mouth to create bad breath.

Dry mouth can also be a factor. Saliva is your body’s way of keeping your mouth clean. If you aren’t creating enough saliva, than the food particles and bacteria will continue to build up. Sometimes the problem is with our salivary glands, and some medications can also prevent our bodies from making enough saliva. Other medical conditions that can contribute to bad breath include diabetes, problems with your liver or kidneys and even reflux.

Gum disease is another factor. Although you may not know if you have it, your dentist can spot gum disease and treat it in the office.

Finally, tobacco use and poor oral hygiene habits can lead to bad breath. In some cases, your dentist may just have you improve your brushing and flossing habits, or make changes to your lifestyle. In some cases, further treatment may be needed, and your dentist may want to work with you and your physician to identify another problem.

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