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Do you have a discolored smile? Do you feel embarrassed by stains or faded teeth that could make you feel self-conscious? If so, have you considered the foods or drinks you are eating could be causing the damage? There are many foods and drinks we consume each day that can stain and discolor our teeth. As a result, knowing these items in our diet could help to keep your teeth clean after consuming them.

Our dentist, Dr. Chuck Majors, understands your oral health and the importance of a white and beautiful smile. That is why, MajorSmiles in Bryan, Texas, is happy to share with you information on the basic foods and drinks we consume each day that could be fading your smile.

Here is a list of yummy foods and drinks that can stain your teeth:

– Curry: Curry has known tooth-staining properties.
– Tea: Tea can erode through your tooth enamel and lead to discolorations.
– Red wine: The dark colors and substances in red wine are known to have tooth staining properties.
– Tomato sauce: Tomatoes are known tooth-staining substances.
– Balsamic vinegar: The dark pigment of balsamic vinegar can stain teeth.
– Coffee: Coffee is made from dark beans that can quickly darken your teeth.
– Berries: The dark colors and berries are known to cause stains on your teeth.
– White wine: Although white wine lacks colors, it is known for discoloring teeth.
– Sodas: It is possible for sodas to stain your teeth.

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