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The thin cosmetic shells that are made to cover your teeth and improve unwanted flaws are known as dental veneers. If you are dissatisfied with your smile due to cosmetic imperfections, you may be able to achieve your dream smile with dental veneers!

Dr. Chuck Majors may recommend dental veneers for the following dental flaws:

• Deeply stained teeth
• Worn-down teeth
• Chipped or broken teeth
• Too short teeth
• Uneven tooth gaps
• Mildly crooked teeth

Our dentist bonds the custom-made and tooth-colored dental veneers to the faces of your teeth, masking these imperfections and allowing your beautiful smile to shine. Features of a tooth that can be enhanced by dental veneers include color, size, length, and shape, and the stain-resistant material can last up to 10 years with proper care.

A dental veneer can be placed at MajorSmiles in just a couple visits, creating your flawless smile with the assistance of Dr. Chuck Majors’s skill and expertise.

For more information about the benefits of dental veneers in Bryan, Texas, call 979-776-6600 today and speak with a member of our friendly team. We are excited to craft your new smile and help you achieve results that you will be proud to show for years to come!