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As we age, our dental health begins to decline. The reason is that our mouths age just as we do. However, as long as you are practicing excellent oral health habits such as brushing twice daily and flossing every day, your smile can continue to shine. Listed below are a few wonderful tips to keep your smile healthy for many years to come:

– Continue brushing your teeth twice a day with a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Electric toothbrushes are easier on your joints, so let them do the hard work for you.
– If you have dentures, be sure to clean them daily. Every night they should be soaked in a denture-cleaning solution or warm water. Forgetting to soak dentures can cause them to dry out and crack.
– The older we become, the more negative the effects bad habits have on our lives. Bad habits such as smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco, or heavy drug use can not only ruin our smiles but destroy our bodies too.
– Always attend your bi-annual cleanings at MajorSmiles, and should any issues arise, be sure to book an oral exam at our dentist office.
– Always floss daily with floss that is shred resistant and long enough to fully clean between each tooth without spreading plaque around.
– Protect your teeth from unnecessary harm including foods and snacks that can easily crack or fracture your teeth.

If you would like to schedule your professional cleaning or would like a comprehensive oral exam from Dr. Chuck Majors and our team at our dentist office in Bryan, Texas, please give us a call at 979-776-6600. Come in and become a success story with a whiter, brighter smile today.