Cavities: What You Should Know

Would you be interested in learning that there are quite a few things you’ll need to try to do if you’re interested in protecting your teeth and gums? We usually suggest scheduling two check-ups with our team every year. These appointments are very important because they give us a chance to examine your teeth for… Read more »

Dental Attrition in Your Smile Can Sometimes Be Repaired by a Composite Filling

Alignment issues in your teeth can happen from any number of different sources. When this occurs, there is the potential for two teeth to meet and wear on each other at an unnatural angle. This dental attrition can cause a texture in the tooth enamel that invites bacteria to exploit the tooth. If this happens… Read more »

How Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Restore Your Smile

Full mouth reconstruction allows our dentist to help restore your smile if you currently have multiple oral issues interfere with your smile’s function and appearance. Full mouth reconstruction uses a combination of dental restoration treatments to replace most or all of the teeth in your smile. Dr. at uses this approach to help our patients… Read more »

Helpful Tips to Protect Your Smile as You Age

As we age, our dental health begins to decline. The reason is that our mouths age just as we do. However, as long as you are practicing excellent oral health habits such as brushing twice daily and flossing every day, your smile can continue to shine. Listed below are a few wonderful tips to keep… Read more »

The Facts About Plaque

Have you ever heard that plaque is bad for your teeth? Did you know that you should try to prevent tartar? While avoiding plaque buildup and tartar is important, have you ever been told why? Similarly, have you been told what plaque and tartar could do to your pearly whites? Plaque is actually a filmy… Read more »

Fluoride: The Mineral Needed for a Strong Smile

It’s important to have a strong and healthy smile so you can prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and even enamel erosion. But how do you achieve a strong and healthy smile in the first place? Well, our dental team has a tip for you! Fluoride is the mineral you need to achieve your smile goals…. Read more »

Bridges vs. Implants

You probably know that missing a tooth can be embarrassing and that you should have a missing tooth addressed as soon as possible. However, did you know that missing teeth can also affect the health of your entire mouth? If you’re missing teeth, we recommend considering the benefits of a bridge or an implant. An… Read more »

The Benefits of Dental Floss

As a staple of oral health care habits, flossing your teeth is often lost in the myriad of treatment options to keep our teeth and gums healthy and clean. Flossing oftentimes takes a backseat to brushing but it is still important to floss daily to remove any food particles that brushing alone cannot. Without flossing,… Read more »

Full and Partial Dentures are a Great Way to Restore Your Smile

Having teeth missing from your mouth can really mess with your quality of life, making it harder to eat, speak, and even changing your face shape. Not to mention that missing teeth can make you feel embarrassed about showing your smile. Getting dentures, whether full or partial, can restore your smile. If you need partial… Read more »

Do You Know Why Toothaches Hurt?

Many people tend to ignore a toothache until it becomes almost unbearable. Generally, this is considered a mistake because it’s important to address a toothache as soon as possible. You see, toothaches generally don’t go away without professional help. But did you know why a toothache could become worse? You have a variety of nerves… Read more »