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Welcome to MajorSmiles in Bryan, Texas, where we offer composite dental filling for patients who need to have a cavity filled, or a dental restoration done on a damaged or worn out filling. Typically, dental fillings are designed to withstand the force of chewing, and with proper oral care can last anywhere from 5-15 years, depending on their composition. However, with time fillings do wear down, chip and crack, and even fall out and need to be replaced.

What Causes Fillings to Wear Down?

Cracks can develop in fillings over time even from biting if the filling is higher than the tooth’s surface. Cracks can also develop around the edges of fillings and can be fixed instead of replaced, depending on the severity of the crack. Constant tooth grinding  (bruxism) during sleep can also wear down fillings.

If you have a dental filling that has cracks or leaks, debris such as bacteria and food particles can enter the area underneath the filling. Since you cannot clean under there, the bacteria will cause decay by forming acid after feeding on this oral debris.  This may go on for a while before you notice it, which is why regular dental checkups are vital. Dr. Chuck Majors and our team can spot these kinds of problems even before you have any tooth pain or notice something is wrong.

So what happens if a filling falls out? This can occur from a variety of reasons, from biting down too hard on something, or the filling wasn’t strong enough for the tooth it was placed on, or even if the tooth didn’t bond properly during initial placement because saliva may have leaked into the cavity during the restoration process. If a filling falls out, it will need to be replaced.

If it is time for your next dental checkup or if you are experiencing problems with a filling, it may be time for a dental restoration. At MajorSmiles, we are pleased to offer composite dental fillings for your beautiful smile. To schedule your next dental visit with Dr. Chuck Majors and our team in Bryan, Texas, please call 979-776-6600 today.