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Are you familiar with the different forms of tooth restorations that are possible? However, if you have suffered severe damage to a tooth and it needs to be extracted, a tooth replacement in the form of a dental prosthetic will be needed. One of the most highly effective forms of tooth placements is with a dental bridge. Dental bridges, also known as fixed partial dentures, come in several forms, including conventional dental bridges, cantilever bridges, and resin-bonded bridges. They include the following benefits:

– In order to ensure tooth slippage and failing oral health cannot arise, dental bridges need to be placed to hold other teeth in place and fill in the gaps left behind by missing teeth.

– If hindrances to your smile in the forms of impaired chewing and eating skills are present due to missing teeth, a tooth replacement in the form of a dental bridge can prove to be extremely beneficial.

– Dental bridges can be used to restore bite stability. Bite stability is lost when forces are unevenly distributed amongst your current teeth.

– If you have lost any of your speech abilities due to missing teeth, look no further than dental bridges to restore the abilities once more.

– To enhance the look of your teeth, look no further than dental bridges to improve your oral aesthetics.

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