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Would you be interested in learning that there are quite a few things you’ll need to try to do if you’re interested in protecting your teeth and gums? We usually suggest scheduling two check-ups with our team every year. These appointments are very important because they give us a chance to examine your teeth for symptoms of trouble. We also recommend getting into our office because it will give us an opportunity to treat dental issues we identify before they become too serious. For instance, are you aware that addressing a cavity before it becomes too severe is extremely important?

Unfortunately, cavities can lead to a number of dental issues, such as regular toothaches or pain when you bite into your favorite foods. If not filled, tooth decay can continue to spread to the center of a tooth. If decay reaches the center of your tooth, you’ll need root canal therapy.

While our dental team will be happy to help you identify signs of tooth decay, you may be able to identify the problem on your own and contact us before it becomes too severe. For example, there are several symptoms you might be able to notice, including a hole in your pearly whites or black or brown spots on your teeth and gums. Please be aware that cavities usually form in the back of your mouth—which means you may not identify these symptoms. This is why pain may be the first symptom that individuals notice.  

If you would like to learn more about the dental care you can receive from our team, please feel free to give MajorSmiles a call at 979-776-6600. Our dentist, Dr. Chuck Majors, and the rest of our team will gladly answer any questions you may have. We’ll also be happy to examine your teeth for other issues. We’re excited to meet with you soon!